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Wake NOW is the WFU affinity group for current students, alumnae, and parents. Wake NOW is committed to meaningful programming, engaging conversation and the creation of sustained relationships among the women of Wake Forest.

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Wake NOW (Network of Women) Kickoff Event


Thursday, April 06, 2017
6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.


23 W 39th Street
New York, New York 10018


Join the women of Wake Forest as we kick off the University's first-ever women's affinity group, Wake NOW (Network of Women). We'll be hosting a happy hour networking event at Windfall in Midtown, from 6:30 to 8 p.m. on Thursday, April 6, to celebrate the…

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Who's Coming?

Wake NOW (Network of Women) Kickoff Event

Ms. Olivia F. Acuna ('15)

Ms. Susan "Sue" M. Benz (P '17)

Ms. Gail Brandli (P '20)

Ms. Lauryn Sukiko Day Bryant ('14)

Ms. Nichole Renee Burnap ('07, MSA '08)

Ms. Amber B. Burton ('15)

Ms. Margaret "Maggie" Raxsdale Cancelosi ('13)

Ms. Carrie Dillane Cowan ('13)

Ms. Angelina Elizabeth Darrisaw (MAM '10)

Ms. Ashley Victoria D'Auria ('12)

Ms. Ellen Elizabeth Dicus ('12)

Ms. Kylie Elizabeth Duff ('07)

Ms. Lindsey Hedrick Ervin ('15)

Ms. Epiphany Xiann Espinosa ('12)

Ms. Meghan "Meg" Elizabeth Fallon ('14)

Ms. Nicole Maria Fitzpatrick ('07)

Ms. Lauren Beth Frishman ('09)

Ms. Haley Elizabeth Funger ('14)

Ms. Gail Elizabeth Haase ('86)

Ms. Jennifer "Jenny" Adams Hagan ('08)

Ms. Lan Jin "LJ" Emily Harris ('14)

Ms. Lauren Michelle Hiznay ('13)

Mrs. Meagan Elizabeth Hooper ('04)

Ms. Sarah Elizabeth Hotvedt ('15)

Ms. Mariah Caroline Jaffe ('12)

Mrs. Angela Reid James (P '14, P '15, P '19)

Mrs. Renee Junewicz (P '12)

Ms. Megan "Meg" Elizabeth Kohler ('05, MSA '06)

Ms. Jenna Elaine Laske ('14)

Ms. Keeley Trimble Lawner ('12)

Ms. Mary "Mary Kate" Caitlin Lyons ('09)

Ms. Allison Rose Lyons ('12)

Mrs. Kathryn "Katy" (Swain) Marrs ('12)

Ms. Meaghan "Meg" Rose McCarthy ('13)

Ms. Erin Marie Merritt ('10)

Ms. Mary "Mary Kate" Katherine Miller ('14)

Ms. Melissa Martha Moran ('15)

Ms. Erin Michelle Murphy ('13)

Ms. Nicole "Lauren" Lauren Nannariello ('14)

Ms. Aleia Rochelle Naylor ('01)

Ms. Karissa Sarah O'Keefe ('12)

Ms. Maegan Elizabeth Olmstead ('15)

Ms. Alexandra "Alex" Rae Palazzo ('15, MSA '16)

Ms. Jennifer "Jenn" Emily Paradise ('13)

Ms. Jordan "Jordi" Elizabeth Plumhoff ('07)

Ms. Katherine "Kate" Johnson Prentis ('15)

Ms. Allison M. (Doyle) Roditi ('00)

Mrs. Marcelle Rothenberg (P '19)

Ms. Desiree "Des" Sanchis ('13, MAM '14)

Ms. Lauren Nicole Sarno ('14)

Ms. Alea Catherine Sciarrone ('13)

Ms. Ashley Elizabeth Smith ('12)

Mrs. Colleen (Dunn) Somich ('07)

Ms. Frances Tanham Speer ('11)

Ms. Emily Kate Stern ('13)

Ms. Mallory Ashton Sullivan ('09)

Ms. Priyanka "Pri" Surapaneni ('15)

Ms. Caroline "CC" Cowing Thornburgh ('15)

Ms. Colleen Marie Tremont ('07)

Ms. Kathryn "Katie" Ann Trimmer ('16)

Ms. Kari Sue Walkley ('14, MAM '15)

Ms. Catherine Winfield Watts ('15)


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Community Leadership


Jana Fritz ('15)
New York, NY

Jillian Macdonald ('07)
New York, NY

If you would like to help plan future events for this community, please contact alumni@wfu.edu.